Iron Aces

Who we are

Founded in November, 2011 by TenderBabyMeat* after his previous clan PRIK was deleted by Wargaming for having an offensive name, Iron Aces was founded as a casual clan that could still compete in Clan Wars.

In April, 2013 Tender was forced by Wargaming to change his name. He is now "PilesOfMeat," but we still call him Tender.

What we do

We do Clan Wars nearly every night. Sometimes we hold land; when we don't, we hit landing zones until we take some. We also clear off landing zones for allied clans.

Where we're going

We're cleaning out some players who never join us for Clan Wars ( "casual" does not mean "never show up" it means "no set schedule") and recruiting, hoping to be able to field two teams most nights.

Want to join?

We require the following.

  1. Must be on Teamspeak 3
  2. The ability to join us for Clan Wars at least once per week.
  3. At least one tier X tank or multiple tier IX tanks you are actively grinding or multiple tier VIII tanks and stellar stats.
  4. No drama. Whiners and complainers will be shown the door.
  5. Accept that we do not always own land, and we will not be paying for your premium account. When we do own land, the gold gets shared out between those who earned it.

Potential recruits and allied clans can reach us on the forums here and on our Teamspeak server (